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Zeal for Living, What We Do

At ZEAL, we are enthusiastic about living well. From feeling great in the mornings to a pleasant conversation with your neighbor at the end of the day, we believe all humans intrinsically yearn for lives well lived. We create communities centered around wellness and fulfillment.

We want everyone to have access to a comfortable home environment that supports Wellness Living. The science is clear, gardens, community relationships and homes that are comfortable & foster cleaner air all contribute to ones’ Wellness. Digital Nomads, Empty Nesters, and people seeking the freedom that rental housing provides now have a place to express their ZEAL for Living.

Our Pillars
of Wellness

The difference between
living and thriving.

01. Connect
Belong to a community with deep social bonds.
02. Move
Fitness for longevity, not for vanity.
03. Nourish
Feed the mind, soul, and body.
04. Dwell
Home is a restful and comfortable place with abundant light and clean air.


Jim Dobbie
Founder and CEO – Zeal for Living
Mr. Dobbie is founder and CEO of Zeal for Living, a real estate development company focused on creating Wellness Living Communities of rental housing.

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Wellness is the difference between simply living and truly thriving. We imagine a community that prioritizes well-being; a place that allows people to thrive.