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Jim Dobbie

Founder and CEO
Zeal for Living
Boulder, Colorado

Mr. Dobbie is the founder and CEO of Zeal for Living, a real estate development company focused on creating Wellness Living Communities of rental housing.

Jim has over 20 years’ of experience in commercial real estate, operations, and development. Before launching Zeal, he was responsible for over 50 transactions and development projects totaling $2.45 billion. Mr. Dobbie has directed multiple high-rise & mid-rise housing developments for a national development company serving in various capacities, from development to investment management.



Kathryn Chavez

Director, Business Operations
Albuquerque, New Mexico

As Director of Business Operations, Kathryn is a key member of the leadership team with responsibilities for the business’s operations, human resources, and administrative functions. Key leadership role is working closely with the CEO to oversee the business side of the organization’s work.


Eric Little

Director of Development
Dallas, Texas
As Director of Development for Texas, Eric leads all development activities across the state. He is responsible for identifying, underwriting, entitling, capitalizing, and executing Wellness Living projects throughout the state of Texas.

Kyle Nickel

Director of Finance
Denver, Colorado
As Director of Finance, Kyle assesses the financial feasibility of new development opportunities and supports the capitalization of Zeal for Living assets. Kyle is also responsible for overseeing the financial reporting process for both corporate and investment vehicle levels.

Kent Plemons

SVP of Construction
Dallas, Texas
As Senior Vice President of Construction, Kent manages development coordination, pre-construction, and construction of Wellness Living projects. His key role is collaborating closely with the Director of Development and various consultants.

Monica Hollins

Chief Wellness Experience Officer
Austin, TX

As Chief Wellness Experience Officer, Monica is responsible for implementing the Zeal for Living Pillars across the Wellness Living communities. Her focus is on the launch and evolution of the community’s wellness experience plan, including but not limited to marketing, amenities, and programming.


Kendra Collings

Wellness Director
Denver, Colorado

As Wellness Director, Kendra is also responsible for implementing the Zeal for Living Pillars across the Wellness Living communities. Her focus is the promotion, design, and management of wellness programs throughout the Zeal for Living portfolio.