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Leveraging Technology for Community Engagement and Wellness: Zeal for Living’s Approach  In today’s fast-paced world, where technology plays an integral role in our daily lives, Zeal for Living is revolutionizing the rental community experience by leveraging innovative technology to promote community engagement and wellness. At Zeal for Living, we believe in creating vibrant and connected […]
A look at how Zeal for Living aims to boost the health and well-being of renters. Wellness real estate got its start in the luxury spa and hospitality space. Famed global brands like Six Senses, exclusive destination spas, and, in recent years, several hotel operators’ newly branded residence clubs offer wellness lifestyles for affluent residents […]
Jim Dobbie is founder and CEO of Zeal for Living, a real estate development company focused on creating rental Wellness Living Communities for all ages.   Jim shares examples of the Zeal approach, from simple lighting choices that can alter the quality of sleep to smart appliances that warn of maintenance needs before significant problems […]
In a world that often feels fast-paced and disconnected, Zeal is dedicated to weaving the guiding principles of Blue Zones into the very essence of our communities. Episode 4 of “Live to 100” on Netflix, exploring the transformative power of these extraordinary places, serves as a profound source of inspiration.  Blue Zones are global pockets […]
Check out the Global Wellness Summit podcast featuring Jim Dobbie, Zeal for Living’s CEO, and Debra Wyatte, Zeal for Living’s Chief Wellness Experience Officer, and how Zeal is revolutionizing the rental market by prioritizing health-focused living spaces. This episode uncovers the urgency of transforming our built environment and how this ground-breaking movement is setting a […]
Zeal for Living announced that they just executed a construction contract with Acadian Group to build its 237-home flagship Wellness Living Community on 25 acres of land within the Hickory Hill master-planned community in Sherman, Texas.
Zeal for Living announced that the firm closed on 25 acres of land within the Hickory Hill master-planned community in Sherman, Texas to build a 236 home rental community focused on Wellness Living. The community marks Zeal’s first Texas Project. The ZEAL project is located within Hickory Hill, a 183-acre master-planned subdivision controlled by Foreland Development (“land seller” and “subdivision developer”) located due south of highway 82.